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Gustavo Chávez


Gustavo graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 2020. He immediately went on to earn his CSL (Construction Supervisor’s License) and HIC (Home Improvement Contractor) licenses in preparation for launching Chavez & Chavez, LLC with his father, now business partner. 


As a Principal at Chavez & Chavez, LLC, Gustavo brings a young perspective on design and the latest tech-supported engineering practices contributing to sound and sustainable construction. Additionally, as a photographer and videographer, Gustavo has a strong eye for lighting and incorporates this perspective into our designs, helping create bright, warm atmospheres.

From a young age, Gustavo cultivated a fascination with construction and the ways things work. This early passion matured into a professional aspiration, which he explored through his schoolwork and various internships, gaining hands-on experience with the way construction projects came together from design and materials, to relationship and project management.  


Outside of work, Gustavo tears it up on the ski slopes and motorcycle trails with his friends and family. When at home he also enjoys cooking his favorite BBQ ribs and Venezuelan Arepas.

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