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About Us

What we do

We work with a syndicate of equity and debt partners to undergo real estate development projects ranging from land acquisitions with ground-up construction to the acquisition and re-development of existing structures. We create spaces that truly feel like home, and we consider each project from multiple angles—from ensuring sound structural design to creating architectural flow for practical, well-lit and open spaces. Our vision is to create modern, welcoming and practical spaces while implementing best practices centering energy efficiency and sustainable design in every home we develop. 

Who we work with

Why Brookline

The quality of our properties comes down to the high-caliber people we employ to bring that vision to life. Over the last 15 years we have cultivated relationships with a team of deeply engrained professionals and contractors that reliably construct our properties with diligence and care.

Why it matters

It’s no accident that our core business focuses primarily on residential properties in Brookline, Massachusetts. This is one of those rare towns that has it all—It’s a stone’s throw away from the city but maintains a suburban feel perfect for young professionals and families; the public schools are top-notch; it’s also weathered many economic downturns with property values remaining relatively unscathed while reaping the benefits of economic booms. Brookline echoes the historic charm of Boston, but it’s also grown and kept up with the times with well-maintained homes that preserve their historic integrity and new, modern designs paying homage to the past while pointing towards a new future.

Our homes are meant to be truly lived in, but if after a few years there comes a time where you must move onto the next great thing, you will very likely not only have enjoyed the home but also a significant amount of market appreciation. Our buyers have historically been able to re-sell their properties at a profit.

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