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Alejandro Chávez


Alejandro earned his undergraduate degree as a Civil and Structural Engineer from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. He started his career in Venezuela as an engineer, designing and building reinforced concrete buildings subject to high seismic loads.

After several years, he moved into real estate development, planning and carrying out the construction of both commercial and residential properties.


Alejandro moved his family to the United States in 2000, completed his MBA at Northeastern University, and co-founded Wilder & Chavez, LLC, going on to develop over 50 projects in and around the Greater Boston area.


Today, he brings over 35 years of experience working in real estate, construction and engineering. His experience constructing projects in vastly different regions and climates, from snowy winters in New England to tropical rains and hot summers in Venezuela, inform a lot of the creative solutions implemented nowadays in each project. 


Alejandro lives in Brookline, Massachusetts with his wife and family. Outside of work, Alejandro is a multi-instrumentalist, carrying on his family’s musical tradition with his three children. He loves spending time outdoors and is an avid off-road motorcyclist.

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